Facebook Ads – Common Reasons for an Ad to be Rejected

Before we walk through the steps to creating Facebook ads, it is useful to consider the common reasons that your ad could be rejected. Make sure that you don’t use any of these tactics and your ad should pass with flying colors.
According to Facebook, the following are the 12 most common reasons for an ad to be rejected:

Common Reasons that Facebook rejects your Ads

  1. Capitalization of every word: Capitalizing every word can give you an unfair advantage over the ads that are running. Also, it is not proper grammar.
  2.  Capitalization of entire words: One of the easiest ways to scream “SPAM” to your target audience is with the capitalization of entire words. We’ve all seen these messages before. Admit it; you’re usually, if not always, turned off by messages such as LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SALARY. Even if the message is useful to you, the
    capitalization of every word makes it appears spammy.
  3.  Incorrect grammar, spelling, and slang: Do yourself a favor and use proper grammar and spelling. Don’t use slang. You and your company will not be viewed as professional if you’re not using proper grammar and spelling. Take time to proofread your ad before submitting it to Facebook for review.
  4.  Inaccurate ad text: Facebook is likely to reject ads that do not clearly state the company name, product, or offer.
  5.  Deceptive discounts and offers: This should fall under the “don’t be dumb” rule, but unfortunately there are people who try to deceive by making one offer that attracts users, and then giving them something totally different when they click it. This will surely get your ad tossed by Facebook and it will also damage your online reputation.
  6.  Irrelevant or inappropriate images: Only use images that are relevant to your ad. Also, make sure your images are clean. Similar to deceptive discounts, don’t be dumb. Help to ensure Facebook is a safe and fun place for people to hang out.
  7.  Inappropriate targeting: Why would you want to spend money targeting one group while speaking to another? Target those that you want your ad to reach. Bottom line.
  8.  Destination: Facebook has developed some particular guidelines when it comes to where you can send your audience. Per Facebook: “All users must be sent to the same landing page when the ad is clicked. The destination may not include fake close behavior, pop-ups. Ads may only be directed to a website or iTunes. When linking to iTunes, the text must
    explicitly say so. Ads may not be directed to any other download such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Word documents.”
  9.  Sentence structure: Simple enough: Use complete sentences. Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure will make your ad, and therefore your company, appear unprofessional.
  10.  Unacceptable language choice: Language can’t be degrading, derogatory, inappropriate, sexual, or profane in any nature.
  11.  Incorrect punctuation: Similar to other areas that we’ve talked about, this is yet another reason that your ad will make your company appear unprofessional. Ensure that someone proofreads your ads before sending them to Facebook for review.
  12.  Symbols and numbers in place of words: The sublanguage of speaking in 140 characters (for both text and now Twitter) has changed how many people word a sentence. Instead of full words such as “for,” many now replace it with the number 4 instead. This is cause for rejection by Facebook. Don’t substitute symbols or numbers for words.

Further, To know more about Facebook Ads and Policies, we advise visiting the official page for policies on Facebook Ads

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